Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Starting Again...

I started this blog while I was at the University of Dallas, in exile from New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. A Religious Studies major at Tulane University and a Catholic, I was taking theology courses at Dallas, which probably caused me to start posting. It's been about a year and a half since I last posted, and much has happened since. I graduated from Tulane, got married to my best friend, began working on my masters in theology, and taught religion for one year at an all-boys Catholic high school. I am now a graduate assistant to the head theology professor in my program and have, with my husband, made it through half of the course work for the masters. We are practicing Natural Family Planning to postpone having children until we have finished our degrees, and I will be be getting trained to teach the sympto-thermal method soon. I am most interested in moral theology and bioethics, and I may work on a Ph.D. in one of those areas. I imagine that most of my posts will be of a theological nature, especially as it relates to sex, love, and medical practices. I welcome any input on the issues on which I post, especially since I am young and naive in some senses, jaded in others. I have invited my husband to contribute to this blog as well. Thanks to all who take an interest in what we have to say. God bless!

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