Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sunday Snippets: a Catholic Carnival

Greetings and Peace to all newcomers.

My wife AB and I are grad students in theology and new parents too an adorable 5month old boy. Most of our blogging focuses on Catholic theological or social issues.

We aren't able to post on a daily basis, but our most recent one, On Hobbies and Pursuing Holiness, has had some decent discussion, which was probably better than the post itself. I'd love to hear any further thoughts you may have.

Other older posts of interest include the following:
- A theologically dense post on the Anthropological Structure of Faith
- An interesting post by my wife on Going Green and the Pill
- The first of an 8-part series on Being a Faithful Catholic in America
- Our baby boy

Enjoy and let us know you stopped by.


For more Faith-Filled Posts please go to the Sunday Catholic Carnival over at This and That.

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