Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex and the City...a proper Catholic perspective...

As someone who has probably never seen a full episode of Sex and the City, and has no intention of watching the movie, I may not have much authority to be authoring a post about it. Nevertheless, over at Vox-Nova there is an interesting discussion, coming from two differing perspectives, on the value of the series. Katerina argues that the promiscuity and materialism exhibited by the characters are bad examples and role models for many people, especially the young, who glorify the characters and want to imitate them. She believes shows such as these have no real value in that they don't inspire us or encourage to become better Christians. Radical Catholic Mom claims that the series shows that the women do not find fulfillment in sex or materialism and over time they learn to love more and more selflessly. She sees a little bit of each of the characters in herself, and in all of us.

What do you think ?

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